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David Tait Stylized

David Tait is the stylized name of David Alan Tait.


Noms de Plume of David Tait

While living in the Philippines David Tait used the following Noms de Plume  (pseudonyms or pen names):


David Tait Blogs

David Tait also writes the following personalized blogs:

  1. David Tait Info  (DavidTait.info)
    Under development…
  2. Lan Net Work!  (aLanTait.net)
    Technical Blog about the Internet, Programing and Computers
  3. Lan Tait Live!  (aLanTait.com)
    Random Thoughts
  4. Lan Tait  (LanTait.com)
    Under development…


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Quotes from David Andrews Tait

David Andrews Tait (5 July 1987 – 12 December 2012) was a professional rugby union player for Sale Sharks in the Guinness Premiership.