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Health food is not so healthy anymore.

“Health food is not so healthy anymore.”

Anecdotal Science - the collection of unbiased observations

Anecdotal Science, is the collection of unbiased observations, which the money making, for profit medical industry discard as ‘anecdotal evidence,’ meaning unprofitable! […]

Most people eat SAD. The Suicide Addiction Diet

“Most people eat S.A.D. The Suicide Addiction Diet!”

Quotes from David Andrews Tait

Quotes from a professional rugby union player for Sale Sharks in the Guinness Premiership, David Andrews Tait. […]

Without well defined goals...

“Without well defined goals, we pick up the habit of perpetual trivia.” ~ David Tait […]

Regular people spend time. Successful people use it!

“Regular people spend time. Successful people use it!” – DavidTait […]

Success is bought with time...

“Success is bought with time, so spent it wisely.” ~ David Tait […]

People DO what they believe...

“People DO what they believe, therefore success is a matter of belief put into action.” ~ David Tait […]

Dreams help me paint my life's canvas...

“Dreams help me paint my life’s canvas, with colors I might not see in the day.” ~ David Tait […]

The Success Trait is...

“The Success Trait is… 1) Do everything you Should do… 2) When you should do it… 3) If you like it or not!” ~ David Tait […]